STARSIL® HEMOSTAT – safe hemostasis in surgical interventions.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is a medical product composed of fine powder particles. It can be used immediately without any additional preparation (ready-to-use). It is used as a styptic to stop bleeding during surgical procedures or traumatic injuries. STARSIL® HEMOSTAT contains no animal or human-derived materials. The product is plant based and is fully absorbed within 48 to 72 hours.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is supplied in bellow-type bottles available in the following units / order numbers:

  • 5×1 grams (SS01) – PZN: 12900826 | PPN: 111290082653
  • 5×2 grams (SS02) – PZN: 12900803 | PPN: 111290080300
  • 5×3 grams (SS03) – PZN: 12896970 | PPN: 111289697054
  • 5×5 grams (SS05) – PZN: 8638239 | PPN: 110863823938

Extensions for laparoscopic applications are available in the following units (10 pieces per box):

  • Extension Laparoscopic, 38cm/15in (can be shortened to all lengths) (EL38)
  • Extension, 14 cm/5,5in (EL14)

Gain an insight into the multidisciplinary fields of applications of StarSil® Hemostat:

StarSil® Hemostat finds its way into robot-driven medicin –
ultra-accurate hemostasis by the Da Vinci surgical robot:


The STARSIL® HEMOSTAT particles are ultra-hydrophilic and absorb rapidly water from the blood. This dehydration results in a high concentration of blood components such as thrombocytes, red blood cells and coagulation proteins, and thus accelerates the natural blood clotting process. After it has been applied to the bleeding, the STARSIL® HEMOSTAT powder forms a gel-like mass. This creates a mechanical barrier that prevents further bleeding. STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is usually completely degraded in the body through endogenous amylase and pyrase within a few days.


The use of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is indicated in surgery as an adjunctive hemostat to control capillary, arterial or venous bleeding in situations where the use of ligatures, pressure or other conventional methods prove to be inadequate or impracticable.

Fields of application

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is suitable for almost all surgical procedures and wounds, particularly in

  • Minimal-invasive surgery
  • Heart- and Vascular surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Spine surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Accident surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Visceral surgery
  • Transplantation surgery
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • Oral surgery
  • Orthidontic surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Tumor surgery


Do not use STARSIL® HEMOSTAT if the patient has intolerance to starch or products that contains starch. Do not introduce STARSIL® HEMOSTAT directly into blood vessels. Do not apply STARSIL® HEMOSTAT directly to the eyes.

The direct introduction ofSTARSIL® HEMOSTAT into the bladder or the urethra is contraindicated. STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is not suitable for use in the case of post-partum bleeding or menorrhagia.


In cases where surgery is carried out using an extracorporeal circulation system (heart-lung machine) or autotransfusion devices, extra care must be taken to prevent STARSIL® HEMOSTAT particles from entering the bloodstream. The use of a 40μ cardiotomy reservoir, cell washing, and a 40μ transfusion filter, for example, is necessary in this case.

The STARSIL® HEMOSTAT powder must be kept dry before use. Liquids and moist environments cause a reduction in the hemostatic effect and can even cancel it out completely.

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT is not suitable for the primary treatment of coagulation disorders.

The use of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT in combination with other hemostatic agents has not been clinically tested. No experience has been gained as yet with regard to reciprocal effects between STARSIL® HEMOSTAT and the various types of adhesive and bone cement used to anchor prostheses in bone. To avoid any impairment of the bonding and binding of any product or device with the bone, all particles of STARSIL® HEMOSTAT must be removed completely from the surface of the bone before the adhesive or cement is applied.


No side-effects have hitherto been known to occur.

Storage / Handling

STARSIL® HEMOSTAT must be stored at room temperature in its original packaging and protected from light. The product must be protected from moisture. As a single-use product, it must be used in the same surgical procedure. The product must be disposed of in accordance with the legal regulations for medical products.



The following overview provides scientific studies on StarSil® Hemostat as well as further information material available for download.

Content Click to open pdf ▼
Use of a plant-based polysaccharide hemostat for the treatment of sternal bleeding after median sternotomy
(Schmitz and Sodian; Journal of Cardiothoratic Surgery, 10:59; 2015)
StarSil® Hemostat in cardiac surgery – Cumulative results
(Mair et al.; University hospital Munich, 2015)
Comparison of topical Agents – Starch powder, Gelatin sponge or Gelatin matrix and Oxidized regenerated Cellulose
(Dr. H. Mair; University hospital Munich, 2011)
StarSil® Hemostat or StarSil Combat in burn wounds
(hemostasis in burn wounds) (Dr. H. Mair; Surgical Center Dr. Rinecker, Munich; 2015)
Information brochure about safe hemostasis with StarSil®Hemostat (Effective 2016)
Information about StarSil® Hemostat as a hemostatic agent in emergency medicine. (StarSil Xtreme emergency set)

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