Stops severe bleeding within seconds – 100% safety for humans & animals




MustHave Medical offers you a unique product to stop bleeding instantly in both humans and animals. The 100% vegan powder is directly being put to the wound, where it accelerates the natural process of blood clotting many times over when hitting the surface of the wound or the leaking blood. Microscopic polysaccharide particles then immediately absorb all liquid components from the blood and thus stop the bleeding within seconds. A life-threatening loss of blood is being prevented instantly, which facilitates further first aid treatment to the injured person or animal. Additionally the risk of hemorrhagic shocks gets reduced significantly.

The result: Safety and protection until medical treatment is given by emergency doctors or veterinarians.

Our 20 seconds live test (video) shows the effect of bleeding control with the aid of a water container.



No matter if humans or animals –
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100% vegan bleeding control.
0% adverse effects.



Highly efficient, even in
severe bleeding.



Scientific-proven bleeding control
in human and veterinary medicine.

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